Formulated with some of nature’s most effective ingredients, ACUICE anti-inflammatory pain relieving gel provides soothing relief from sore muscles and joints, arthritis, sprains and everyday aches and pains. ACUICE takes advantage of natural anti-inflammatories like Arnica, Boswellia and Ilex, along with seven other herbal extracts to create the NEWEST, MOST ADVANCED cold therapy gel available.

  • 3 oz roll on
  • 4 oz tube
  • 16 oz pump

For 20 years our products have been helping people manage their discomfort by offering a variety of benefits that assist in therapy, pain relief, exercise/training and overall comfort. Using menthol as the active ingredient, Biofreeze penetrates quickly, preventing or relieving pain through cold therapy. Biofreeze products help you do more with less pain.

  • 3 oz roll on
  • 4 oz tube
  • 16 oz pump

The HandyBar is a simple device giving you or your loved one the ability to get in and out of a vehicle with ease.

  • Promotes independence and ability to get around
  • Builds confidence and maintains personal dignity
  • Reduces injuries due to slips and falls
  • Ideal for people with back or leg problems…or other physical challenges
  • Great for people recovering from hip or knee surgery

ArchmoldsOff the shelf orthotics
Archmolds arch support insoles will help to stabilize your entire foot, supporting your inner and outer foot arches, while relieving and preventing many common problems, including foot, knee and back pain. Even though they are off the shelf orthotics, the best part about these arch support insoles is how easy they are to personalize to your foot. Off the shelf orthotics may be appropriate for people who have only mild discomfort or may want to prevent problems in the future.

Sole SupportsCustom made Orthotics
The goal is to create a custom, supportive platform for each foot that is rigid enough to achieve the arch up state, yet flexible enough to allow some small degree of flattening for shock absorption, terrain adaptation and comfort. To do that we have to know how much a person weighs, because bigger people need more support. We also need to know how flexible their foot structure is, because floppier feet need more support. Throw in what kind of activities a person is used to doing and now we have some real custom information to make a device that can control their feet. Custom Orthotics are more appropriate for people who have mild to severe foot pain and poor biomechanics of the foot.