Women’s Health

Clinton Physical TherapyWomen faced with the challenges and choices of advancing years… adolescents working to meet the challenges of organized and individual sports…mothers-to-be whose pregnancies may deliver more than they were expecting…each need access to the best options available to them. At Clinton Physical Therapy Center, we’ve been working since 1988 to offer programs that let women of all ages take control of their lives as they achieve better health.

“Before the Stork”
Before your pregnancy delivers more than you were expecting, we can help you adjust your posture to either prevent or treat back pain. Our program focuses on alleviating pain associated with common musculoskeletal conditions that can occur during pregnancy. Most women can decrease their back pain by performing simple postural exercises. Women with more severe dysfunction are treated with exercises that improve their alignment. Often women exercise in the pool where they feel lighter and can move with greater ease. We also teach you proper lifting techniques along with appropriate body mechanics to prevent injuries that often occur due to the added lifting and stooping requirements when caring for your baby.

Fibromyalgia Program
The fibromyalgia program consists of several physical therapy visits either on land or in the pool. Each visit consists of both exercise and an educational component. Land sessions may include modalities, but the greatest emphasis is placed on an exercise program that includes flexibility, stabilization, isometric strengthening and low impact aerobics (often in the pool). Relaxation, breathing and self care methods are also a vital part of managing fibromyalgia. Our primary goal is to teach methods of coping with fibromyalgia.

Lower-Quarter Screenings
Since a women’s anatomy is not the same as the male counterpart, stresses on the body, especially the legs and pelvis may make some women more prone to musculoskeletal problems. We assess the lower body biomechanics and address knee and/or foot pain, particularly for runners and walkers.

“Put The Brakes On Osteoporosis”
We offer a program of education and exercise designed to slow the progress of osteoporosis. We teach women how to cope intellectually and emotionally by making them aware of all the tools at their disposal. This includes a regimen of exercise designed to strengthen muscle and bone, as well as treatment options for posture, balance, and weight bearing activities. By empowering women, we support and encourage them every step of the way.

“Within Your Reach”
Post-lumpectomy/mastectomy care. Many women have moderate to extreme stiffness, soreness and pain after breast surgery, which results in limited use of their arm, especially with overhead activity. This soreness can persist for up to a year or more if not treated properly. With proper exercise and training most women can resume their normal activities. Many women find it difficult to focus on an exercise program when also facing radiation and/or chemotherapy. But, if stretching exercises are not addressed on an ongoing basis, extreme stiffness and even a frozen shoulder can result. Arm stiffness should not be considered a “normal” result of breast cancer.

At Clinton Physical Therapy Center, we can help you achieve full motion of your arm, improve your posture, reduce the incidence of lymphedema and enhance your overall fitness level. Our goal is to bridge the gap between breast surgery and returning to normal daily activities.