How Much Does Physical Therapy Cost With and Without Insurance?


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July 26, 2021



The cost of physical therapy will depend if your health insurance covers it. Physical therapy is usually the go-to treatment of many when they feel pain or if they need to improve mobility. It is also a great way to recover quickly from injuries and after surgical operations. But how much does physical therapy cost? Typically, it costs around $75 to $150 per session. The good thing is that most insurance providers cover half of the payment, but only if the premium is paid in full. If not, you will have to pay for the total amount. The cost is not cheap indeed, so visiting an experienced practitioner will ensure that you get your money’s worth. Plus, be sure that your physical therapist is certified.

Your First Physical Therapy Visit

If it’s your first time receiving physical therapy, the physical therapist will first assess your overall health. If needed, you will be given an exercise plan to follow. The therapist will also try to alleviate your body aches. The exercises will conclude by using resistance bands, medicine balls, and treadmills. Do not forget that the cost of using these items will also depend on the coverage of your insurance.

Purpose of Physical Therapy

physical therapy clinicDoctors recommend physical therapy to patients who need to recover from surgery. It’s also an excellent way to manage knee pain, back pain, and all kinds of pain due to an injury. If you are someone with osteoarthritis or recently suffered a stroke attack, your doctor will most likely recommend you to a physical therapist.

The primary purpose of physical therapy is to help improve mobility, balance, and muscles. It targets specific joints or muscle groups during the procedure. The range of the cost would depend on factors like your insurance coverage, equipment to be used, the extent of the injury, and the cost of treatment per visit.

Physical Therapy Cost With Insurance

Using your insurance to lower your physical therapy cost per session is a good thing. It will most likely cut your expenses in half. The average cost of physical therapy is $20 to $50 per session. The amount goes down because your health insurance will pay the other half. Before the therapist allows the use of your insurance, you will be asked to consult an orthopedic or a primary care physician. This is to ensure that a physical therapy session is medically necessary.

The total payment will depend on the services you received, the number of sessions you will have, the equipment you will use, and the treatment itself.

The thing is, you will only enjoy the full coverage of your insurance if it’s paid in full. Those who are not fully paid will most likely spend the cost of physical therapy in full. Plus, keep in mind that even though insurances that cover physical therapy will lower down your physical therapy bills, it’s not free.

Physical Therapy Cost without Insurance

physical therapy costIf you have an extra budget and spending a little more money for your physical therapy sessions is not a problem for you, paying out of pocket is always an option. It’s more expensive, but you don’t have to go through a complex process. The average cost of physical therapy without insurance is around $75 to $300.

If you need a physical therapy session together with a consultation, you might need to prepare at least $220.

Once again, this would depend on the number of sessions, the initial evaluation, treatment plan, and other services the clinic might require.

In-Home Physical Therapy Cost

In-home physical therapy costs are higher than usual. The cost would range from $150 to $200 per session, excluding other miscellaneous transportation for physical therapists, consultations, and outpatient clinic services.

The total cost may change during the whole process of physical therapy. If you need sports medicine to recover from an injury, you might need to pay a few more. Furthermore, those who require treatment after surgery may need to spend thousands of dollars for several sessions.

If your physical therapist asks for the doctor’s advice, you can go to SH Chatswood Medical Centre for an accurate diagnosis. Sometimes, physical therapists require these things to enable them to provide services properly.

For Knee Pain

The average fee for therapy for pain in the knee is around $100 per session without medical insurance. However, the cost with health insurance is approximately $25 to $60.

For Back Pain

Managing back pain requires a lot of effort. It could also require you to attend several visits to the clinic. The average cost for chronic back pain could reach $1000 to $1300 for about ten sessions in six weeks.

It would also depend if you had a surgical operation on your back. The physical therapist may ask you to attend sessions for several months to recover fully. Your physical therapist will also teach you some home exercises for your back to relieve the pain.

Rotator Cuff Physical Therapy

Paying out of pocket, the cost of rotator cuff physical therapy could range from $100 above. The sessions afterward will most likely cost half the initial amount.








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